How does it work?
Textok is a synergy of various tools derived from the fields of natural language processing, machine learning (AI), corpus linguistics and cognitive science. The unique mix of the analytical methods helps Textok calibrate the style of a text like no other solution.
Match your text
Paste a piece of your existing brand text or a text in the style you like to the Tone of voice matcher and find the best match to one of the tones from our library.
Define your custom tone of voice
Reach your desired style and tone with Textok’s detailed feedback on sentence structure, word choice, emotions and other features. Go to the Tone of voice you wish to achieve and get clear editing guidance.
Write and re-write with AI
Be it your first draft, new content ideas, or a simple re-write in a desired tone of voice — Textok is your sandbox for text writing. Generate texts in different tones, freeing more time for your creativity and expert editing.
Write with guidance
When the desired tone of voice has been set, Textok underlines any parts of your text requiring re-writing or editing, explaining how they should be revised. It flags any words, phrases, sentence structures and emotions incompatible with your brand’s style.
Get rid of delays
Textok automates content compliance and cuts the time needed to produce and approve each text — whether in-house or outsourced. With Textok, copywriters can better match the needs of their customers, and managers don’t have to spend time correcting predictable mistakes.
Make sure your brand has 
an unmistakably authentic tone of voice
The ultimate timesaver. Textok streamlines corporate text production — its automated editing helps you produce great content, faster.
Features you’ll love. Define your own tone of voice for emails, posts, press releases and other types of copy, create glossaries, store texts in a smart way.
Advanced language tech. Powered by state-of-the-art AI, Textok delivers the nuance required for the best communication practices.
Create automated writing guides, and never prompt tone and style ever again
Create a bespoke tone
Ensure automatic compliance
Set brand-specific rules
Make inclusive language work
Produce precise prompts for AI
Create term glossaries
Get specified tips
and more…
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