Finally—one source of truth for all your corporate communications
  • Automate your brand's tone of voice, creating custom text-writing guidelines.
  • Define brand-specific tone, style, spelling and inclusivity rules.
  • Share digital brand guidelines with all your content writers.
  • Ensure automated compliance with one click.
Use Textok's innovative tools to create quality texts
Textok can detect a tone of voice of any text. Cool as a cucumber or warm as Sundays at granny's house?
Create automated writing guides, and never prompt tone and style ever again
Create a bespoke tone
Ensure automatic compliance
Set brand-specific rules
Make inclusive language work
Produce precise prompts for AI
Create term glossaries
Get specified tips
and more…
90+ parameters you can tune. Fine-tune your brand’s desired tone of voice setting 90+ rules or pick the tone that suits you best from our comprehensive style book.
No more editing the same old mistakes. Correct the spelling of product names, custom lists of forbidden or required words ensuring consistency.
Better than just AI. Textok bridges texts created by AI writing tools with the real needs of brands and companies, giving them more character.
Different writers, consistent tone. Now it doesn’t matter how many writers create your content — Textok will automatically ensure compliance with tone of voice guidelines.
Automate your brand book. Tired of editing the same mistakes and style inconsistencies again and again? Let Textok do the tedious work, so you can focus on creativity.
Content as an asset. Content is King and can be a game-changer in the growth of your brand. Make your content-related investments wisely with Textok.
Beta users about Textok
“What really sets Textok apart from other tools, is its revolutionary ability to distinguish between different tones of voice. If you've ever spent hours agonizing over whether to use an informal, friendly, or casual tone for your landing page or blog post, Textok is the solution you've been looking for.”
Maria Assereckova
a content marketer working in the printing industry
We communicate a lot — across various channels and to different types of audiences. Therefore, maintaining consistent tone becomes a real challenge, especially when multiple writers are involved. That's why Textok is a game-changer for us. With our custom tone guide automated, we can perform tone verifications and receive rewriting prompts within seconds. Now, all our copywriters adhere to the same rules, so we can maintain a distinct brand personality. This is particularly crucial in a highly competitive wellness industry!
Olga Grigorenko, PhD
Partner in Pranamat Eco
For a production-focused team like ours, that doesn’t have a dedicated PR department, Textok is a platform that streamlines our effort to provide high-quality communication. Hitting the right tone, be it approachable social media posts or a formal project description, is not an issue anymore, even if the text is not written by a copywriter. Textok’s precise prompts help us re-write any draft we create.
Aleksejs Birjukovs
Partner at MARK Arhitekti
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